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Jointt Holdings Group Co., Ltd, headquartered in Hong Kong, is a multinational corporation with main business areas covering organic agriculture, premium food, investment, clean energy, mining, international engineering contracting and service, and international trade. Based on global resources and market strategy, Joi...[MORE]

Cooperation Concept
Jointly sharing, Jointly building, Jointly winning In face of world economic globalization and enormous international business opportunities, we make friends from all aspects with open mind....[MORE]
Cooperation Partners
Jointt Group is looking for partners who develop technologies as followed:Organic Agriculture:Greenhouse control systemLighting control technology towards plant growthRapid detection technology toward...[MORE]
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  • Organic Agriculture
    Based on global resources and market strategy,Jointt is devoted to carrying out innovative organic agriculture business model and technology. Jointt creates a global organic agriculture industry chain, collecting and processing organic raw materials in developing countries, and then sending to the developed countries for organic vegetables growing and selling. Jointt combines organic agriculture with clean energy utilization technology such as solar energy, geothermal energy etc, new technology such as Internet controlled monitoring and tracing technology, bio-fermentation technology etc. to transform organic agriculture through continuous innovation thoughts. The organic agriculture development model of Jointt not only provides customers in developed countries with the highest quality organic vegetables, but also helps the poor in developing countries. ....
  • Premium Food
    Premium food is Jointt Group’s main business, among which the key sectors are buffalo milk cheese and premium salt. Jointt Group combines developed countries’ advanced technology and developing countries’ resources, and brings the top-quality buffalo milk cheese and salt to the world. ....
  • Mining
    Jointt invests in mining in China, Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zambia, Pakistan, etc. Jointt is consolidating and upgrading those overseas mining projects in accordance with the international capitalized operation experience and mode. Jointt’s own exploration and operation teams provide reliable guarantee to mining resource access and operation. Jointt also unites domestic and overseas’ top notch geological prospecting, mining design and mining production enterprises to provide the services of mining exploration and engineering. •Mining development •Mining right operation•Mining exploration•Mining engineering•Mining technical service(design, supervision) ....
  • Engineering Construction
    Jointt provides systematic engineering service for overseas Chinese enterprises with the innovative mode of IES (Integrated Engineering Solutions), which receives the customers’ unanimous praise. •Geotechnical investigation and construction •Design •Engineering construction •Logistic •Labor service •Financing and leasing ....
  • International Trade
    Jointt has self-support team and platform for international trade, which meets the logistic supply requirement for Jointt’s global industrial distribution, and provides systematic service to the market in the meantime. As a multinational corporation with Chinese background, Jointt is particularly good at bringing global products into China’s huge market. ....
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