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Legal Disclaimer


Unless there are other agreements, all the contents in this website (including but not limited to texts, pictures, data, photos, videos, etc.) and the copyright of website design are all owned or held by Jointt Group Corporation Limited or relevant right owners. All rights are reserved by Jointt Group Corporation Limited.

All the materials in this website are protected by laws relating to copyright, trademark right, patent right or property ownership. The ownership is owned by the copyright owner and users don't have copyright. Those who use software or drivers offered by this website will be regarded as accepting the license agreement attached to the products.

Anybody is forbidden to change, issue, reproduce, quote and disseminate information in this website unless he/she has the written approval of Jointt Group Corporation Limited or is authorized by the website. Jointt Group Corporation Limited reserves the right to protect the company's legitimate interests by law. If anyone needs to issue, reproduce, quote or disseminate information in this website, please submit application to the Law Department of Jointt Group Corporation Limited. The E-mail address is: Please follow the related laws to visit this website.

Limited Responsibility
All the information in this website is released by Jointt Group Corporation Limited and its subsidiaries following the principle of truthfulness, and people who release it don't make any warranty or guarantee for the information no matter it is by expression or metaphor. The releaser shall take necessary measures to do his/her utmost to ensure the promptness and accuracy of the materials in the website, but he/she doesn’t make any guarantee about the promptness, accuracy and completeness of all the materials published. There are no special notifications for relevant information’s update or change. Jointt Group Corporation Limited and its subsidiaries are not liable for direct or indirect lose caused by using the website. Consequences caused by using the information in the website will be undertaken by users.

This website is available for users around the world, but the releaser doesn't guarantee that the information published in the website is suitable for the specific country where you are. Moreover, some information released in this website maybe forbidden in the jurisdictions in some countries or regions, so please make sure that visiting this website doesn't break the law or regulations in your jurisdiction in advance.

This website is not responsible for the disclosure, loss, stealing, or tamper of personal information because of the attack by computer hackers, computer virus, damage of hardware facility or obligatory requirements by the law. This website is also not responsible for the inconvenience or loss caused by the disruption of service because of line, hardware damage, system maintenance, system upgrade and force majeure.

Links with other sites
In order to offer convenience and information to visitors, this website allows visitors to visit other sites through site links periodically. This website is not responsible for visiting other sites by website links and the quality, attribute and reliability of such sites. The act of offering the website links doesn't mean that the contents are provided to these sites by this website or belong to this website. Jointt Group Corporation Limited reserves the right of deleting any hyperlinks without notifying any third party.

Website reply
Please note that any information or reply sent to Jointt Group Corporation Limited by visitors is not confidential. The information or reply sent to Jointt Group Corporation Limited is regarded that visitors authorize Jointt Group Corporation Limited the irrecoverable and unrestricted right to use, copy, disseminate or modify. Moreover, this act is also regarded that the plans or concepts contained in the information or reply can be used by Jointt Group Corporation Limited for any purpose for free. However, this website will not disclose visitors' real names unless it is allowed or required by law. In the circumstance of not violating the law, regulations and infringing public interests, Jointt Group Corporation Limited or its subsidiaries is not responsible for any problems aroused by the reply.

Information or reply published or sent to the website by visitors must obey related laws, regulations ordinances. Visitors are not allowed to release or link any illegal information concerning politics, damaging systems, pornography, personal attacks, and not allowed to infringe others' intellectual property. Otherwise, this website has the right to delete information released by such visitors and cancel his/her registration qualification, and the visitors should bear the criminal or civil liability directly or indirectly caused by such behaviors.

Policies of preventing junk emails
Jointt Group Corporation Limited and its subsidiaries adhere to the policy of no junk emails, promise not to sell or rent the personal information of customers, potential customers and web visitors and focus on protecting personal privacy. Jointt Group Corporation Limited and its subsidiaries only send emails to those who require to do so (those who hope to keep in touch with Jointt Group Corporation Limited and its subsidiaries through online and offline market promotion activities).

Applicable laws
Jointt Group Corporation Limited reserves the right of modifying the information in the website and this legal statement. You are suggested to visit this website periodically to know the latest legal statement. Anything not mentioned in this notice shall refer to the related laws and regulations. The regulations and laws shall take the prior when the notice collides with any of them. Those who visit this website in any way or use material in this website directly or indirectly are viewed as accepting the constraints of this notice voluntarily.

This website has Simplified Chinese, Chinese Traditional and English version. If there are differentiations among the three versions, the Chinese version shall prevail.

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