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Jointt Holdings Group Co., Ltd, headquartered in Hong Kong, is a multinational corporation with main business areas covering organic agriculture, premium food, investment, clean energy, mining, international engineering contracting and service, and international trade.

Based on global resources and market strategy, Jointt achieves the balanced matching of stock and demand through innovative business models, creating maximum value for our customers.

Jointt adheres to sustainable development, perfectly combines the law of nature and use of advanced technology, thus creating a green industry chain. Jointt not only focuses on providing good products and services, but also ensures to protect the environment we live in.

Jointt well practices Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), regarding eliminating poverty, helping the underprivileged, and caring for the earth as the sustainable way of doing business. From the sea to the land, from the countryside to the cities, from underdeveloped countries to developed countries, Jointt transfers not only value, but also love and dignity.

Jointt, always expects to do better for you!

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