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Symposium between Jointt Group and Chongqing International Construction Corporation
Time:2014-06-16                Author:admin1

On Jun.11, 2014, headed by Jointt Group President Assistant Ms. Huang Ping, 6 personnel in all including Engineering Technology Department Manager Liu Yongliang, Market Development Department Manager Lu Wenbo etc. visited Chongqing International Construction Corporation for communication on business conditions and cooperation intention. Chongqing International Construction Corporation Party Secretary Zhou Fanming, Deputy General Manager Jiang Xueping and other senior leaders presented this symposium.

In the meeting, Jointt Group President Assistant Ms. Huang Ping introduced our company’s recent situation. Jointt Group possesses strong capacity in international construction, flexibility in dealing issues, integration capacity in human resources, and rich knowledge in state-owned enterprises. Besides, Jointt Group has its own import and export company which can realize localized supply. Our company’s recent overseas projects (including geotechnical investigation, infrastructure, resource prospection etc) are proceeding smoothly, which shows a broad development prospect.

Ms. Huang Ping shared Jointt Group’s development history. She said, “Our company went abroad with the center of mining development in the preliminary phase. While in the implementation process, we found out that there are still spaces to expand. I think there are 3 reasons to explain this. Firstly, Pakistan government and Pakistani maintain strong friendship with China, which lays the foundation for us to go abroad and keep alive. Secondly, Pakistan government, local government and civil organization build a comprehensive and strict-enforced security control system, which is the pre-requisite for us to develop business without worries. Thirdly, to abide by China’s policy and seize the market opportunity in Pakistanis the basis for our industry chain extension.

After above introduction, Chongqing International Construction Corporation Deputy General Manager Jiang Xueping also reviewed Chongqing International Construction Corporation’s history, “Our company has constructed hydropower stations in Africa, and we also tried to prospect mine but failed. Through this symposium, we gained a better understanding of each other. Jointt Group’s successful experience enlightens on our company. I think we can make best of our complementary advantages and develop overseas business jointly.”

After this intercommunion, both sides gained a deeper understanding of each other’s cooperation intention and specific projects information, and reached a comprehensive consensus. In next step, we would discuss over detailed cooperation program, and promote the cooperation between Chongqing International Construction Corporation and Jointt Group.

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