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​​Strategic Cooperative Agreement Signed between Jointt and ISLCAS
Time:2015-11-19                Author:admin2

On November 10th, 2016, Mr Bai Shun, the president of Jointt Group and other high ranking officials of our company have visited Qinghai Institute of Salt Lakes, Chinese Academy of Science (ISLCAS). During the visit, an official meeting was held between Mr Bai Shun and Mr Duan Dongping---Chairman of ISLCAS. Both parties have signed a strategic cooperative agreement. Mr Han Fengqing, Director of Geological and Environmental Laboratory of ISLCAS, Mr Sun Guoqing, Director of Department of Science and Technology, Gao Donglin, the researcher of ISLCAS, Executive Director of Jointt Group, Sectary of the president have participated in the meeting and the signing ceremony.

During the meeting, Mr Bai Shun has given detailed introduction to Jointt Group, our development strategy, industrial structures, operating model and our business in Pakistan. Jointt has rich experience in resource prospecting, projecting operation in Pakistan. We are familiar with the local society, natural environment and mineral development procedures. Mr Bai mentioned that Pakistan has a large reservation of mineral resources, but researches and development on such resources remains to be improved. It is imperative to bring in advanced technologies abroad to better the prospect and development of the mineral resources. And we hope this visit helps strengthen mutual understanding and pursue in-depth cooperation to reach strategic cooperative relationships and effectively facilitate transferring and transformation of related cooperation.

Mr. Duan said that, ISLCAS owns extraordinary advantage of bounty technology and experienced technical staff, in the field of salt lake developing , salt resource exploration, salt products comprehensive developing. And he hopes both sides can integrate the existing advantages upon the agreement made, through mutual support and cooperation, so as to put forward the related cooperation project running smoothly.

In the light of the cooperation agreement, both sides focus on a series of cooperation in respect of salt mine mineralization mechanism, salt mine comprehensive exploitation and utilization, high-tech products developing relating to salt and minerals substance, especially on training personnel in research and development of salt mine.

Mr. Bai Shun, together with the delegation also visited the chemical analysis and test department, and technology exhibition hall of ISLCAS, and had communication with scientific researchers.

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